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Customized Processing Solutions for High Value and Specialty Polymers to Reduce Material Costs, Recover Value, and Improve Resin Quality

WELCOME TO Polyclean

With our specialized knowledge and experience in handling costly materials that have difficult or unusual problems, we assemble a customized set of processes to resolve the problems efficiently, completely, and economically so that our customers can remain focused on running their business.

We have added MILLIONS of DOLLARS to our customers’ bottom lines as a result of

  • Offering high quality recycled materials of high performance plastics at significant savings over virgin
  • Helping them recycle their high value manufacturing scrap
  • Recovering valuable inventory of off-spec or contaminated resin
  • Enabling improvements in new & existing products for high purity applications

Our Products

Finely Milled Powder Products of Unfilled PEEK, PEK, PPS, and Other Polymers
Repelletized PEEK in Unfilled, Filled, and Reinforced Grades
Clean Regrinds of Unfilled, Filled, and Reinforced Grades of PEEK
Clean, Chopped Shavings Flake of Unfilled and Filled PEEK Grades
Other Pellet and Regrind Materials Available

Our Services

Milling / Pulverizing

to convert pellets and regrind into coarse, fine, and extra-fine powders

For manufacturers using smaller volumes of powder materials, contact us to get the level of service and quality you need to keep your production lines going strong.


Plant Scrap Recycling

to convert high value plant scrap into clean, cost-saving raw materials

Thoroughly inspected scrap parts are carefully granulated to produce a regrind material with desired particle sizing while minimizing dust and fines. Regrind can be cleaned to further improve quality and ease of using.


Decontamination and Cleaning

to convert high value plant scrap into clean, cost-saving raw materials

Custom-configured processing to remove dust, fines, debris, and foreign material contamination. The improved efficiency of your manufacturing and the increased value of your products will more than pay for the cost of upgrading the quality of your raw materials.


Polymer Purification

to improve the purity of virgin polymers beyond what may be possible by the resin suppliers

Take your critical clean and high purity products to the next level by first upgrading the purity of the resins before they are used in your manufacturing processes.