In addition to helping our customers save money by recycling their own high-value manufacturing scrap, we offer money savings and convenience by keeping a variety of recycled materials in stock, processed into ready-to-use forms, packaged and ready to ship. A majority of our inventory is focused on various grades and forms of PEEK polymer, but there are other materials which are also available from time to time.

Please review the products presented below, and contact us for further information about the items of particular interest to you.

PEEK Powder Products

We currently offer PEEK 450G-MP140, a milled powder produced from recycled PEEK 450G polymer. Powder has been sifted through 140 mesh sieve, yielding a maximum particle size of 105 microns.

Coming Soon :

  • PEEK 150G milled powder
  • PEEK HT milled powder
  • Extra-fine powders sifted through 270 mesh (particle sizes below 55 microns)
  • Coarse powders sifted through 20 or 30 mesh

Pelletized PEEK Products

-RP products are repelletized from clean regrind:

  • PEEK 450G-RP
  • PEEK 450MG30-RP (milled glass fiber)
  • PEEK 450GL30-RP (chopped glass fiber)
  • PEEK 450CA30-RP
  • PEEK 450FC30-RP
  • PEEK 450PTFE18-RP (~18% PTFE)
  • PEEK HT-RP (from PEK HT-G22 Regrind)

-CP products are compounded from clean PEEK 450G regrind and the necessary additives to make the target formulation

  • PEEK 450FC30-CP

PEEK Regrind Products

Granulated from carefully inspected scrap parts, and then cleaned to remove dust, fines, surface residues, and metal debris :

  • PEEK 450G-RG and 150G-RG
  • PEEK 450MG30-RG (milled glass fiber)
  • PEEK 450GL30-RG and 150GL30-RG (chopped glass fiber)
  • PEEK 450CA30-RG
  • PEEK 450FC30-RG
  • PEEK 450PTFE18-RG (~18% PTFE)
  • PEEK HT-RG (from PEK HT-G22 scrap)

We also have economy grade versions of some of these products, produced from scrap that had minor quality defects.

PEEK Shavings Flake Products

Produced from machining shavings that have been carefully inspected and cleaned to remove foreign material contamination and surface residues :

  • PEEK 450G-SS
  • PEEK 450G-DS (higher bulk density than –SS)
  • PEEK 450MG30-SS (milled glass fiber)

Other Materials Available:

We occasionally have an opportunity to offer materials other than the above-listed PEEK products. The list below shows what is currently available :



Quantity (lbs)

Ultem 1010, Bright Orange



Polystyrene, multi-color spherical pellets



Acetal, various colors



Nylon 12, black-colored spherical pellets



Nylon 6, light blue, chopped shavings