Materials We Need

Materials We Need

We welcome the opportunity to develop new, long-lasting relationships with manufacturing companies that are generating scrap of the materials we need.

Please review the information below, and contact us for further details if you have any of these items.

PEEK Machining Shavings

We need shavings scrap of the following types :

  • Unfilled natural PEEK shavings
  • Glass-fiber reinforced natural PEEK shavings
If you have other types of shavings, please contact us with your details.
Important Guidelines:
  • Dry-cut preferred. Water-based cutting fluid residue is OK, but shavings should not be dripping wet.
  • Both lathe-cut and mill-cut types are needed.
  • Occasional trash or bits of non-PEEK shavings contamination are OK.
  • Packed in clear bags, with each bag having only one type of material.
  • If shavings will require LTL shipping for delivery to PolyClean, bags should be baled in a clean baling machine.
By following these guidelines, we will be able to offer you maximum value for your PEEK shavings scrap.

PEEK Scrap Parts / Drops / Butt Ends

By carefully accumulating PEEK scrap of the following grades, our suppliers can get maximum value when selling the scrap to us :

Unfilled Natural PEEK
  • Victrex brand PEEK 450G / 150G
  • Evonik brand Vestakeep 5000G / 4000G / 2000G / 1000G
  • Solvay brand Ketaspire KT-820 / KT-880
Glass-Fiber Reinforced Natural PEEK
  • Victrex brand PEEK 450GL30 / 150GL30
  • Evonik brand Vestakeep 4000 GF30 / 2000 GF30
  • Solvay brand Ketaspire KT-820GF30 / KT-880GF30
Carbon-Fiber Reinforced PEEK
  • Victrex brand PEEK 450CA30 / 150CA30
  • Evonik brand Vestakeep 4000 CF30 / 2000 CF30
  • Solvay brand Ketaspire KT-820CF30 / KT-880CF30
Bearing Grade PEEK
  • Victrex brand PEEK 450FC30 / 150FC30
  • Evonik brand Vestakeep 4000 FC30 / 2000 FC30
  • Solvay brand Ketaspire KT-820SL30 / KT-880SL30
Other grades and formulations similar to the above listed items can also be considered. Please contact us with your details.
Important Guidelines:
  • Injection molded parts, sprues, runners. Extruded sheet, rod, pipe.
  • For machined scrap, dry-cut is preferred. Water-based cutting fluid residue is OK.
  • Scrap should be collected in drums or gaylord boxes designated by material grade so that, as much as possible, only one type of material is in each container.
  • We strongly prefer to purchase ungranulated scrap so that we can have complete control over the quality of regrind products we are selling.

Other Scrap Materials We Are Interested in Procuring

  • PFA, Natural Unfilled
  • SABIC brand Ultem 1000 and 1010 Natural, Unfilled
  • PPS, Natural Unfilled