Polyclean Technologies was founded in 2001 with the goal of helping customers who use high performance plastics and specialty polymers to save money and upgrade product quality.

Over the years, we have continued to improved our capabilities and expand our range of services by using proprietary and “off the shelf” equipment and techniques, weaving them into customized processes and procedures in order to achieve superior results, minimize loss, and provide excellent ROI (return on investment) for our customers.

From our start with a focus on polymer purification and high purity cleaning of contaminated pellets and regrind, we carefully expanded our capabilities to include services for recycling of manufacturing scrap of high value PEEK, PFA, and similar industrial plastics.

Equipment was selected, customized, and used in conjunction with rigorous procedures developed to ensure that we produced a consistent, clean, high quality regrind flake or repro pellet that our customers could use with confidence.

Our most recent change has been the addition of specially configured milling systems which enable us to provide pulverizing services to our customers, as well as offering finely milled powders of high performance virgin and recycled polymers.

Costly, difficult-to-mill polymers such as PEEK, Torlon PAI, PPS, and other high temperature polymers can be converted to fine powders with the same quality and cleanliness that we are known for.