Quality and Care: From the beginning …

  • “Nothing Added, Only Taken Away” means that we do not allow cross-contamination to occur.
  • Compact systems and clean internal design of equipment eliminate spots for material hangup which can lead to cross-contamination.
  • System disassembly and thorough cleanout before each new material is run, guaranteeing that our equipment will not contaminate your valuable materials with another customer’s material.

Quality and Care: During Processing …

  • Equipment and procedures carefully selected and designed to remove contamination
  • “Vacuum Loaders Wanted, Box Dumpers Need Not Apply” – For example, we have found that even sanitary box dumpers, when used carelessly, can allow external debris to be mixed with the box contents, and we therefore refuse to use them. Vacuum-loading is used to transfer material from your boxes into our processing equipment, even though it requires more labor, since it affords us an opportunity to inspect the material during feeding. Any problems noted in the raw materials can be immediately addressed. And of course, external debris is easily kept away from what’s inside the box.
  • Protective mini-environment around the finished product packaging area helps maintain cleanliness and avoid recontamination of the materials that we have put so much effort into cleaning and purifying.
  • Close monitoring of your material at multiple points throughout the entire process allow multiple opportunities to detect and control contamination.

Quality and Care: The Extra Mile …

  • Production run reports submitted to customers, including comments, observations, and detailed tracking of material weights before, during & after processing
  • Lot/Box traceability can be maintained and documented as required.
  • Production samples taken for QA/QC as requested.
  • Material can be stored on-site until approved & released for shipment.
  • Other special handling/processing requests as required.

It is our sincere hope that the information we have presented on this site will be sufficient to encourage you to contact us and find out how we can benefit your company.