PEI Selective Laser Sintering Resin

PolyClean Technologies specializes in PEI selective laser sintering resin production.

Production materials are available in finely milled powders and high temperature polymers.

PEEK, PEK, PEI, PAI, PPS, etc. are available in a range of materials from virgin to recycled. Ask about PEI selective laser sintering resin options.

These products are targeted for applications in PEI selective laser sintering resin, selective laser sintering (SLS), and compounding into filaments for additive manufacturing, fused deposition modeling (FDM), and rapid prototyping. They are also needed for thermal spray coating and other techniques for applying powder coatings to surfaces.

We also offer some of these materials in granule form as reprocessed pellets, and sometimes as virgin pellets. These pellets would be suitable and attractively priced options for use in additive manufacturing, fused deposition modeling (FDM), and rapid prototyping techniques in rapidly expanding PEI selective laser sintering resin markets.

Higher Temperature Polymers

For our high temperature polymer powder products, while 140 mesh is our most common sieving size, we can produce powders made using other sieves, whether finer or coarser. If you have any particular requirements for powder particle size, please contact us with the details.

Shipping Internationally

Whether your company is located in Texas, southern United States, East Coast, West Coast, or the Mid-West, our money-saving high quality PEI selective laser sintering resin products can be readily delivered by package carriers and LTL freight.

Even if your company is located outside the USA, in Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Africa, or Australia, PEI selective laser sintering resin international shipping options are available.

Are you trying to find the proper material or potentially considering PEI selective laser sintering resin for your application? Oil fields, aerospace, high strength requirements, high pressure, steam, acids, water, alcohol or others we can help.

In stock Recycled Materials

Besides helping our customers save money by recycling their own high-value manufacturing scrap, we offer money savings and convenience by keeping a variety of recycled materials in stock, processed into ready-to-use forms, packaged and ready to ship. Most of our inventory is focused on various grades and forms of PEEK polymer, but there are other materials which are also available from time to time.

Contact us today for help with PEI selective laser sintering resin.