Polyclean Technologies, Inc. specializes in the production of finely milled polyetherimide.

Our polyetherimide capabilities help reduce material costs, recover value and improve product quality so that our customers can remain focused on running their business.

Milled Powders of PEEK Polymers

Finely milled polyetherimide is used on compression molding, highly reinforced composites, powder coating, 3D printing, and other demanding applications. For compression molding, the powder can be used neat, or blended with lubricants, modifiers, additives, and / or reinforcements prior to being molded into basic shapes that have no internal stresses.

For situations where the performance of polyetherimide is needed, but the high cost of virgin Celazole is prohibitive, our recycling and milling services may be able to provide a solution. Our high purity recycling procedures and processes, combined with our fine powder milling capabilities, can yield a high quality powder made from recyclable Celazole scrap.

Although we are carefully expanding the variety of powders we offer, our inventory is currently limited to the following PEEK powder materials:

  • PEEK 450G-MP140 - prime grade powder made from prime quality recycled PEEK 450G-type polymer, milled and sifted through a 140-mesh sieve to produce a powder product with maximum particle size of 105 microns and size distribution peak around 75-80 microns.
  • PEEK 450G-MP140-2 - economy grade powder made from recycled PEEK 450G-type polymer which had minor presence of black specks or slight discoloration. Particle size characteristics are the same as the prime grade above.
  • PEEK 150G-MP140 - prime grade powder made from prime quality recycled PEEK 150G polymer. Particle size characteristics are the same as the prime grade above.
  • PEEK HT-MP140 - prime grade powder made from prime quality recycled PEK HT-G22 polymer. Particle size characteristics are the same as the prime grade above.

Although 140 mesh is our most common sieving size, we can produce polyetherimide made using other sieves, whether finer or coarser. If you have any particular requirements for polyetherimide particle size, please contact us with the details.

With our specialized high purity recycling knowledge and experience in handling costly materials, we assemble a customized set of processes to ensure efficient, complete, and economical processing solutions for high value and specialty polymers.

Our plastic recycling solutions help our customers' bottom lines as a result of:

  • Offering high quality recycled materials of high performance plastics at significant savings over virgin
  • Helping them recycle their high value manufacturing scrap
  • Recovering valuable inventory of off-spec or contaminated resin
  • Enabling improvements in new & existing products for high purity applications

In addition to offering polyetherimide as milled powder, cleaned flake, cleaned regrind, and melt-filtered reprocessed pellets, our services include:

Milling or pulverizing to convert your coarse powders, pellets and regrind into coarse, fine, and extra-fine powders. In addition to polyetherimide, we are also capable of milling powders of virgin PPS, PAI (Torlon), and other high performance polymers. These often contain significant amounts of undesirable coarse particles. We can mill and sift them to produce a consistent quality milled powder sieved through your choice of mesh size.

Plant scrap recycling or decontamination and cleaning to convert high value plant scrap into clean, cost-saving raw materials. Custom configured processing removes dust, fines, debris and foreign material contamination. The improved efficiency of your manufacturing and the increased value of your products will more than pay for the cost of upgrading the quality of your raw materials.

Polymer purification to improve the purity of virgin polymers beyond what may be possible by the resin suppliers. Take your critical clean and high purity products to the next level by first upgrading the purity of the resins before they are used in your manufacturing processes.

Quality and care from the beginning, during processing and the extra mile. During the plastic recycling processes, nothing is added, only taken away. No cross-contamination is able to occur. We disassemble and thoroughly clean our compact equipment systems before each new material is run, guaranteeing your valuable materials will not be contaminated. For additional quality control measures click here.

Whether your company is located in Texas, southern United States, East Coast, West Coast, or the Mid-West, our money-saving high quality polyetherimide products can be readily delivered by package carriers and LTL freight. Even if your company is located outside the USA, in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Africa, or Australia, international shipping options are available to get you what you need from us.